is a Global Currency

7 billion exist (1 for every human on Earth). Monthly interest makes owners richer. Non-profts & Charities receive a portion of LIFE™ sold.

What are the benefits
to owning LIFE™?

LIFE™ can be sent anywhere in the world securely and near-instantly. No expensive fees that weigh you down. The more people have LIFE™, the more it's worth. So tell your friends! Love It For Ever.

How does LIFE™ help
the world?

Nonprofits/charities chosen by the community get LIFE™. Help charity, scientific research and raise awareness. Simply owning LIFE™ shows your support for an ecosystem that instigates change on a grand scale.

What's LifeCash™ & how do I use it?

LifeCash™ is a currency for the internet, that rewards you like Airmiles, with interest from our profits, so that our riches grow together. It supports non-profits and charities that you, the community, decide. Through the upcoming LIFE™ Wallet, you can store your LIFE™ just like you can store cash, send it to/from your friends, or exchange it for another currency.

Not even YawLife™ can access it, since it's built on a powerful technology called the blockchain, which has no central point of failure (in other words, if we're hacked, your LifeCash™ is still safe). In the future, you'll be able to use LifeCash™ with YawLife, the revolutionary new social network.

LIFE™ is an ocean of possibilities

It is the air which we breathe into the world, and the world in which we survive and thrive.

LIFE™ is the incumbent stare of sentience. It is the mid-summer glare of happiness and our species future progress.

LIFE™ is the youth in all of us. The growth, the experience, the ingenuity. It is the creations from the pursuit of our passions.

But most of all, LIFE™ is a currency. Because without money you can't buy shelter, eat or have the energy to pursue your dreams.