YawLife Inc. was founded by Michael Paton in Edmonton, Alberta on 7/7/14

At YawLife we believe You're Aways Wealthy, and that you should Live In Free Expression.

Like pieces of a puzzle, we aim to bring people together across the world, fueling innovation, fostering fairer futures and a better, more unified world. We see the potential to improve the ground upon which we stand, so that one day we may improve the space in which we live.

We believe passionately in creating simplistic, beautiful products and services, and can't wait to show the world just what we have to offer, inspiring others to follow in our footsteps. We're a startup, but immensely determined and passionate about what we do. Our potential is limitless.

A Taste of What's to Come

The First in our Life Series, an epitome of our corporate stance.

Our Motivation

Life is about preserving and ensuring our continued existence. It's about having a proactive stance on our own humanity, following our morals and using our powers for good.

We as humans have so much potential, but our scientific advancement has led us to have weapons with the ability to obliterate ourselves. But hope is not all lost, we are not dead yet. We can prevent an impending doom. We can try to shelter ourselves from killer weather, or we can control the weather itself, stopping it from even happening.

We can show the future generations, the cosmic atmosphere itself, that we may have walked upon the edge of a knife, but we strayed to safety and the prosperity of a continued existence, by not challenging our ghastly capabilities through the provocation of our worldwide kin. We've made it this far. And we have technology that can be used for the betterment of each other. But if we don't place the proper importance on using that power for good, we'll cease to exist.

We can all look upon and cherish our existence or we can be the voice that diminished into darkness. Life is a global currency with the founding principle of ensuring the survival of humanity, of following the proper procedures when it comes to safeguarding our home, our future homes, and our ability to care for one another. It's about viewing the world as the living organism it is, of seeing the beauty and the plentiful, potential possibilities and perpetual posterity of our people, across the world, across the stars, full of life.