Financial Freedom

With LIFE™, you have control of your money, and can send it anywhere in less than 2 minutes, for less than 2 cents.

Free Interest

As a reward for owning LIFE™, you earn 7% interest every year, getting free LIFE™ on the 14th of every month.

Feel Good

You support change and have your voice heard, and if you choose to give to a charity, you can claim it on taxes.

Is LIFE™ hard?

Using LIFE™ is as easy as blinking, an involuntary movement you don't even need to think about. It just works.

How secure is LIFE™?

LIFE™ is more secure than facebook or any web service you'd use, because we don't hold your password or currency, you hold onto it yourself. When you send it, it goes directly from you to who you send it to, rather than through any central authority.

What can I do with LIFE™?

Send money across the world, make money, support initiatives that matter to you, have your voice heard and bring about the tides of change.