70% to brighten the world we live in

Giving 7 million LIFE™ per month to nonprofits and charities chosen by the community (over time to prevent LIFE™'s value from decreasing).

20% for owners and space explorers

Giving owners of LIFE™ 7% annual interest, and searching for LIFE™ in space: the endless horizon of opportunity, solace and clarity.

10% for LIFE™ to reach its potential

To build services for LIFE™ and ignite innovation, to make LIFE™ easier to use and more valuable with each coming day.

It rewards to be an early-adopter

Where does LIFE™ you buy come from?

Your LIFE™ comes from the world, whether that be nonprofits, YawLife Inc. or other people who own it selling on exchanges.

How do I get free LIFE™?

Once you have LIFE™ (any amount will do) - you start to get free interest on the 14th of every month. The more LIFE™ you have, the more interest you’ll get. It’s like finding buried treasure, except we give you the map, mark the ‘X’ and find it for you (no technical know-how needed)!

Isn't 10% a lot for YawLife Inc. to own?

Actually, the second most popular digital currency has 70% of their supply (70 billion) owned by its creators. We believe making a better world is more important than owning fancy cars. Coincidentally, this mindset is what will propel us to success.