LIFE™ is a Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency.

Built on Nxt for powerful future features.

7 billion exist. 700 million are up for grabs now.

Pre-Sale rewards early adopters of LIFE™ and started 01/14/15.

50% of Pre-Sale buys LIFE™ on market and gives to Owners.

30% of Pre-Sale allows YawLife to ignite innovation.

10% of Pre-Sale goes towards NASA/space research.

10% of Pre-Sale goes to go to nonprofits and charities.

The more your friends buy LIFE™, the richer you become.

Total Distribution (might change based on community feedback):

What is the point of the Pre-Sale?

The pre-sale gives LIFE™ value, and allows for early adopters to get rewarded with free interest every month. Additionally, it gives time for the community to voice how the remaining supply should be distributed and make a difference in the world.

When is interest given and who is it given to?

Interest is given on the 14th of every month to owners of LIFE™ (those who’ve purchased it on the market or received from someone who did). Interest won’t be collected on LIFE™ that hasn’t sold on the market.

When do nonprofits and charities receive LIFE™? How is it decided who receives it?

LIFE™ is given on the 7th of every month to nonprofits and charities chosen by the community. Through our forum, users can suggest and vote on organisations to be given LIFE™. Precedent is given towards those who've received funds from the community, since actions speak louder than words.

How does YawLife ignite innovation?

Funds will be used to pay developers to make LIFE™ better, by developing apps and services for it that give back to the community and provide a simlistic, powerful sense of value to users through ease of use and limitless potential.