Terms of Service

By Buying LIFE™, you understand that we make no guarantee about its value. LIFE™ is an asset and prone to volatility, just like you can experience good or bad days or the value of your house can go up or down. By buying LIFE™, you understand that it is done so at your own risk, and that we (YawLife Inc.) are not liable for any loss of value.

By owning LIFE™, you agree not to not use it for illegal purposes. This includes, but does not limit to: tax evasion, fraud, money laundering, sale/distribution of controlled substances or anything else considered illegal in your country of origin/residence. Transactions in LIFE™ are done so on a public blockchain, and committing such acts is against what the currency was created for, and if you break the terms, you may be punished to the maximum extent possible by law.

While the following is not to be misconstrued as investment advice, we personally believe that a bright future lays ahead for LIFE™, because we are passionate and dedicated to creating a valuable currency and building a valuable service. We see before us a world bridged with connections through LIFE™, and as long as we live, we will not give up on the beautiful vision we have fostering a caring currency.

To exist is to persist the unknown. To excel is to accept that no challenge is too great, no hurdle too high and no world too big to change. Together we can make a lasting difference, and share the bond of growth and prosperity for our ethical actions.